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The Internet is just bursting with websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts as many businesses understand that it’s all about the Internet and social media today. In years past retailers, wholesalers, service providers and non profits spent their advertising dollars on the yellow pages, print ads, radio, and just maybe TV if they were big enough.  Today, if you have a business, odds are that you’ve spent precious dollars to hire a web designer; or you’re likely realizing that you had better start seriously considering getting your website built before your business is left behind.

Websites and Blogs: Advertisement

Whether your business has a website, blog and/or participates in mass marketing emails, that is only a portion of the equation that results in business success during the Internet age. The reality is that the a business has only seconds to capture the interest of potential customers; to unlock their curiosity and keep them reading. How can your business seize the opportunity to convert a viewer into a potential customer?

Websites. Blogs. Email Marketing: Content

It’s all about the content! Are you telling the viewer what they need to know? Better yet, does your content entice the reader to WANT to know more?  “What is in it for the customer?” is the first and last question when writing and editing content.

We each understand that the same message can be presented in more than one way. Some options will be received as a bouquet of flowers and others as a ton of bricks. The job of the Content Consultant is to put forth the clients’ message as a beautifully effective bouquet of flowers that captures the interest of potential customers and keeps them reading.

Content Consultant: Your Business Success

Website, blog and mass marketing email content IS the key to unlock the viewers’ interest in your product, as well as assist with search engine optimization.

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