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Content copy writing and editing, blogging, commentary writing and editing are their most effective when used in conjunction with the vast opportunities of social media. It is the intertwining of Content, Community and Collaboration that aids search engines to locate websites and blogs to bring potential paying customers.


The concept of advertisement, the sharing of information designed to attract public attention, or patronage, maintains its defining truth: a business has only seconds to capture the interest of potential customers; to unlock their curiosity and keep them reading. That is true whether one advertised in years past or currently by way of the Internet.

Quality of Content Matters

It is the very capture of that potential customer’s interest that will keep him/her reading; and when the reader spends time at your website or blog, not only does your business have the opportunity for a new client, but the reader is actually increasing the relevancy of your site to search engines. Search engines pay very close attention to whether or not searchers stay at a site or quickly move on.

Updated & Current Content Matters

Search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc., understand that their value is in the quality of the information that they bring to a web search. Therefore, search engines care about whether or not a site is regularly updated; search engines do NOT want to send searchers to sites with stale and old information.


The Company Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the balance of the 150 Social Media sites on the Internet, utilized to expand Company Presence and Branding, as well as to grow patronage by encouraging Blog, Website, and Mass Market Email readers to respond, interact and engage.


The syncing of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, the company Website, as well as mass market emails and blogs – empowering all new posts/blogs to fly through the web-sphere increasing the opportunity to be seen. To additionally interact and engage on internet sites, where answer seekers to the mystery of what your company has to offer gather.

Content, Community and Collaboration… spinning to increase your Internet Branding opportunity.

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